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Infront Professional Terminal

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About Infront AS

Infront AS provides a unique combination of global market data, news, analytics and trading tools. With proven solutions developed over 20 years by industry experts, Infront product suite helps buy-side and sell-side institutions grow their businesses, reduce costs, adapt to fast-changing market requirements and work more effectively with ever-increasing amounts of information. Over 90,000 subscribers worldwide rely on Infront’s services. Infront has offices in 13 countries.


Infront Professional Terminal

Infront Professional Terminal combines real-time global market data, news, analytics and electronic trading in a modern, intuitive user interface that’s easy to learn and efficient to use. Discover why professional users are replacing their premium terminals with Infront.

  • Intuitive

  • Cost-Effective

  • Easy to Deploy

  • Customizable

  • High Speed

Advanced Features & Functions


Easy to install (68MB only)

Automatic updates

One account per user

Easy to use

Customizable layouts

Easy searching

Easy linking of windows

Easy sharing

Graphical analysis tools


Chat for help

Get Easy Access To

Real-time, Delayed and EOD data

Consolidated Data

Time Series

Corporate Actions

Instant Overviews

- Country, Asset Classes, Symbols
- Added value data calculated by Infront

Pre-made Market Windows

- Market windows for easy access
- Structured per Asset Class

Custom Views

- Create Custom Lists
- Portfolio Views

Market Data Depth

- Pre and Post Trade Data
- Level 1, Level 2, Full Depth

Venue Statistics & Broker Statistics

Get Easy Access To

Calendar Events

- Macro, Country & Companies
- Previous, Upcoming
- Live updates for G20 and company results

News Services

- Regulatory
- Professional News Services
- Public/Free News Services

Research Reports

- Direct from Brokers
- RSRExchange Research Hub

Social Tools

- Twitter
- Chat with Symphony


Easy access to market movements

Define custom views and filters


Get Easy Access To

Equity Analytics

- Company Fundamentals
- Company Estimates

Index Analytics

- Time Series and Performance
- Constituents and Weights

Fund Analytics

Option Analytics

Bond Analytics

- Selected Bonds and Fixed Income
- Calculator


Easy Search and Screening

Data to Excel

Get Easy Access To

Infront Market Data via Real-Time Data Linking

- Real-time, Delayed or EOD data
- Time Series

Infront Excel Plugin

- Company fundamental data

Upload Lists/Portfolio as Custom Lists

Upload of orders as Baskets


Build your own models

Ready-made templates available

Infront's customer service can assist

Portfolio Tracker: Real-time Oversight

Full oversight of portfolio holdings

News and research

Support for cash and non-traded instruments

Portfolio return attribution

Portfolio characteristics

Portfolio-specific macro-economic events

Portfolio Tracker: Deep Insight

Fundamental analytics for portfolio holdings

Back testing and rebalancing

Performance measures

Get Easy Access To

Infront across devices

- iPhone, iPad & Android


One account across all devices

Cloud based lists

Cross device alerts

Code Snippets Directly From The Terminal
Clean & Intuitive Syntax

For example:

InfrontConnect(user = “MyUser", password = “MyPassword")
MySymbols = GetHistory(
tickers = ("LSE:SBRY","LSE:SDR","LSE:SGE"),
fields = ("open","high","low","last","volume"),
start_date = "2017-07-29",
end_date = "2017-08-28");

Get Easy Access To

Multi-asset class support

- Equities, ETFs, Options, Futures, Fixed Income

Electronic Trading

- DMA, Care, Smart, Strategies, Algos

Mono or Multi-Broker


Blotters for orders and trades

Click-Trading for fast trading

Easy create baskets of orders

Easy import of orders

Dynamic export of all activity

Integrations with portfolio systems and back-office


Infront AS Solutions


Providing Market Data, Analytics, Portfolio and Trading Technology to Buy and Sell Sides

Infront AS solutions are used by banks, brokerages and other financial institutions across Europe with users in more than 50 countries.

Benefits with Infront

Experts in market data and trading technology

Providing global market data including in-depth real-time data, managed and hosted

Extended network of partners

Technology can be integrated towards existing PMS, OMS and back-office systems

Easily integration of proprietary data including quotes for research and in-house database

Customizable platform with front-ends, markets, asset classes, trading flow, portfolio functions, validation

  • Easily deploy a modern trading terminal

    Provide your clients with a modern and cost-efficient trading solution with support for multi-asset classes. Depending on needs, the Infront Professional terminal can be customized with various market data, modules and functions.

  • Customize access to global market data

    Infront provides extensive multi-asset market data from over 55 exchanges, MTFs, inter-dealer brokers and more. With easy online administration tools, you can easily define data access by user, group or client.

  • Enable advanced electronic trading

    Provide DMA and Care Order trading services to your clients and enable them to use your algos and strategies from within the terminal. Infront offers full integration for any algorithm that supports FIX.

  • Put your OMS to work for you

    Infront can be easily integrated with your OMS system/execution environment via FIX. Give your clients a fast trading tool while OMS integration gives you access to accounts and positions, risk management and compliance functionality.

  • Easy to use administration system

    See which accounts need extra attention with insight into account performance and margins, customize your trading workflows, easily create new user accounts and manage access to market data services and features in real-time from a web-based user admin system.

  • Share and control your proprietary content

    It’s never been easier to share your own proprietary news, research, market prices and more with your clients or internal users via Infront. With Infront’s browser-based admin tools, you can provide access to your content at a user or company level and set approval processes to ensure you know who has access.

Readymade Front-Ends with Active Trader and Web Trader

Active Trader

Web Trader


Infront Web Toolkit


Infront Web Toolkit is a professional grade, standalone, pure JavaScript library and CSS framework for embedding widgets with market data and trading functionality on the web.

Technology based on HTML5 Web Sockets with fallback to HTTP for legacy support

Pure JavaScript Library

Full CSS Styling Support (CSS3)

JavaScript and JSON API for access to data model

Highly configurable components

Browser support: All modern browsers

Web Toolkit Interfaces


JSON is a syntax for storing and exchanging data.


Allows users to quickly test different live widget configurations.


Available for building custom, integrated features.


Easily customizable to fit look and feel of your website by modifying CSS.


To access all trading features available through Infront.


There are no dependencies and can be used alongside any known library or script.

Lets find together what is most suitable for your business needs