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Choose from real-time or delayed market data web widgets or raw XML format. 

Web Solutions / Widgets

Inforex has the ability to provide and enrich corporate websites of listed or other companies in the broader financial sector with data relating to stock exchange information and investment relationships.

In particular, it has the ability to provide corporate websites with stock data in real time or delayed through:

Mercury System

Web Services

Pre-made Web Controls

Indicative examples of Developed & Provided Market Data



Price Boards


Financial Calendar

Bank Interest Rates (Euribor-Libor)

Government Bonds

Exchange Rates


Investor Relations Page

Pivot Analysis

CoT Analysis

Economic Calendar

Inforex's Economic Calendar aims to enrich web pages and/or applications that aim to inform their subscribers. This tool includes in detail all global economic activities, presenting economic indicators, Macro & Micro financial data as well as information on interest rates and important reports on country economies.

Usage Methods

  • Send data in XML format from Inforex's servers with push-server technology to the existing user imaging platform.

  • Ability to create a custom deployment platform and hosting on Inforex's servers.

  • Ability to choose from Inforex's templates.


  • Full access to global financial data.

  • All updates and upgrades are automatically made by Inforex News Center.

  • Easy integration into third party applications.

  • 5-year historical data with filtering ability.

  • Periodic financial information (estimates) for the next 2 years.

Economic Calendar Widget


Listed Companies Information Sharing Services

StockOnWeb has been developed by Inforex and allows listed companies to provide comprehensive information by displaying corporate stock information, corporate news with press releases, financial statements and other stock data in their official corporate website.

All information is available via a link that is integrated into corporate website. Service is hosted on Inforex's servers while complying with all security requirements.

Usage Methods

  • Share Price (Real-time or Delayed 15min).

  • Daily stock chart.

  • Historical data.

  • Financial statements.

  • Changes in share capital.

  • Dividend distribution.

  • Corporate announcements of Athens Stock Exchange.

  • Financial news & reports through Inforex News Center.

  • Ability to view International Indices, Equities, Derivatives.

  • Ability to integrate P/L calculators.

StockOnChart Service

Dynamic chart (Ajax Charts) for listed companies

StockOnChart provides the ability to incorporate daily and weekly graphs, display their stock volume and other technical analysis indicators. Supports Market value graphics, Indices, Comparison of industry indicators, Historical data before and after split as well as a presentation of data in Excel and comma delimited format.

Available Information

  • Percentage Rate Graph (% Change) of the share price.

  • Simultaneous display of values and volumes of securities.

  • Graphical comparison between 2 dates.

  • Graphic comparison between 2 dates in Excel format.

  • Display corporate news in form of an icon in the chart.

  • Performance comparison of ATHEX indices.

  • Comparison of ADR, GDR etc. with those of competing companies.

  • Ability to display data as a "pop-up window" in the graph.

Per Quote Fee

Providing (Level 2) stock data in real-time via XML, in the form of individual quotes, which can be used for portfolio valuation, trading services etc.

Non-Display Data

Providing "Non-Display" stock data in XML format and in real-time for use in order-enabling or transactions execution.